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Programs at Zeal For Christ Mentorship Programme

Level 1

...Behold, all things are become New.

Welcome to the course. Here we will take you through the life of the new creation.  In this module we will be looking at 

  1. Genesis Chapter 1 v 1&2

  2. In the beginning (man before the fall)

  3. Salvation part 1& 2

  4. The New Creation 

  5. The Doctrine of Scripture 

  6. Prayer 

  7. Principles of Faith 

  8. Understanding The Call of God

  9. Assessment and certification 

Level 2


So you are half way through the Mentorship Programme, well done! In this part of the course we will continue to built on what we have learnt in level 1.  In this module we will study the following. 

  1. Understanding the Power of Praise and Worship

  2. God's Covenants 

  3. The Fear of The Lord 

  4. Introduction to Prophetic Ministry 

  5. Introduction to The Apostolic Ministry

  6.  Integrity 

  7. introduction to Leadership.

  8. Exploits in Ministry

  9. Assessment and Certification

Level 3


At this level our mentees are ready for take off. They would have been going to several conferences and taking part in the prophetic ministry and praying for the sick to be able to partake of praying for the sick   In this part of the course, the mentees will be studying

  1. The Holy Spirit

  2. Understanding the Anointing

  3. Intimacy with Christ. 

  4. Operating in The Supernatural

  5. The Dynamics of Signs and Wonders

  6. Understating  Holiness  

  7. Principles of Leadership 

  8. Accountability

  9. Excellence in Ministry 

  10. Transferring 

  11. Assessment and Certification 



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