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Testimonies from current Mentees

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Mallon White Cape Town South Africa 

 I write this with joy in heart. What I have learnt and been made to do is beyond explanation. After each lesson I am left with a hunger for more. The interaction and participation it does not feel like a class at all because it is so amazing (only until you are reminded there are exams.) I could not find a laughing imoji here.


I am so excited to learn more. Breaking down of scriptures and characters, wow I have grasped a new way of reading the bible paying attention to every detail. 


Thank you so much for this opportunity

Erika Gogo Ireland 

I joined the Zeal for Christ mentorship program in January 2020. I met Apostle Israel through a sister who is in the program. I had attended a Christian conference in England, where I met this sister.  

The mentorship program has been an answer to my prayers and the prayer our pastor prayed. God spoke to Him to pray for those who needed God to bring spiritual mentors into their lives, to pour into them and to build them up. I was desperate for this prayer and I stepped to the front in faith. I had recently relocated for work and ended up having to work on most weekends. I was discouraged with the challenges of relocation, a new job and not being able to attend church regularly to fellowship with other believers. 


It has been such a blessing to fellowship with other mentees and mentors, and to be equipped to serve God and others. We meet regularly online to receive teachings on the Bible, leadership, evangelism, prayer, integrity etc. We have also had the opportunity to call each other and get to know each other personally. The radiance and joy in other mentees and mentors has blessed me so much. I am always encouraged when we meet and felowship together. I get strengthened through even the most challenging week. One mentee always says that 'Iron sharpens iron'. Proverbs 27:17.


Through Zeal for Christ, my faith and prayer life have been built up. I have joined the prayer conferences and listened to teachings on prayer. I have developed the habit of being in tune with the Holy Spirit, praying in tongues and being in worship, even at work when it can be very busy and chaotic. I am now intentional in praying for others at work. 


Zeal for Christ emphasizes on studying the Word of God. I have learnt to study the Bible in a new way. It is amazing how the words come alive and minister to me in such a mighty way. 


Finally, I have learnt about integrity in all areas of my life and how important it is to have integrity, especially in the ministry and as servants of God. I am learning to repent in and eliminate the things that I have overlooked, even at work, such as honoring and respecting authority and doing the right thing even when others are not. 


I thank God for this opportunity to be able to answer to His call and to serve Him with other believers. 

Michael Chikwenya Pretoria South Africa

I would like to say thank you for giving me this opportunity to be a part of your team. As for me during my early days of joining the team l found it hard to blend with the team because of inferiority complex because l assumed since everyone seems to know everyone how would I fit in into the whole team. But by grace of God l managed to find a spot in the team and since then l stamped my authority to say this is my position and the right place to be. 


To cut the long story short, l personally transitioned to another dimension and climbed levels higher in particular areas; Love for one another,  PRAYER, Understanding and knowledge of the Word, Intimacy with Christ, Accountability, Confidence, Boldness, Courage, Relationships (networking) etc. 


Finally the mentors are excellent, every session we had was like a blue print that has just been released straight away from heaven. The patience in their sharing with us making sure everyone is on board. 


Thank you God Bless you.

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