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Zeal For Christ Mentorship Programme is  open for admissions for the next mentee year. Read below for information about our enrollment process, costs and subsidies and much more. Feel free to contact us for additional information.

Admissions Process

To be admitted on the mentorship programme you must submit to the leadership a short biography detailing your conversion testimony and how God called you into ministry. please note that we would like to hear an account of how God called you into ministry not how a prophet or an apostle told you about your calling. the Mentors will pray over your submissions and contact your pastor or churc leader to confirm that you are indeed a member or a partner of their church,

The following are a must

1. Be a born again Christian.

2. Be willing to obtain permission from your pastors or leaders of your church.

3. You must be willing to work hard to complete every assignment and task given at the appointed time.

4.You must be willing to learn


More information is given to you in the mentee handbook. 

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Costs and Subsidies

 You will need to dedicate a specified amount of time in researching, in prayer, in reading the word of God, in attending anointed conferences. in reading anointed books and in serving in the house of God. Don't forget time management is very important and if you cannot manage your own time you may not be able to lead in the house of God.

However the programme itself does carry a small cost with it, the costs are administrative as well as for running the course and maintenance. The cost per module is £50 per mentee. Please visit the payment page for all payment.   

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Zeal For Christ Mentorship Programme Applications

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Please find the documents you need in order to apply to our school. If you need assistance with completing our paperwork, or if you have any other questions, please contact our administrations team today on

Please note if you are a UK resident we would need to receive all three documents

Pastors Form

Please take this to your Pastor or leader of your church so they can agree for you to be on the programme, please note this is for United Kingdom Resident Mentees only.

Your view on leadership

In your own word using biblical examples and principles tell us what makes a good leader your answer should contain no less than 1500 words.


Please email us your conversion testimony and how God has called you into ministry. Please do not tell us about how a prophet or an apostle has told you about your calling but we would like to hear about your encounter with God that resulted in knowing that you are called into ministry.